Does this ever happen to you?

Your technician fixes a leak for a customer. A month later, after she has paid your company $400, $500, or more to fix the leak, the refrigerant is gone. She calls the office mad and wants the leak fixed right this time. You go out on a warranty call, which you get ZERO revenue and $200 or more of expense, to find that the system has sprung a leak in another location.

Mad customer. No revenue. Hundreds of dollars of expense.

The Solution

My Leak Policy Letter

Three years ago I wrote a leak policy letter for one of my clients who was dealing with huge warranty leak issues. When we gave the letter to the technicians and trained them on how to use it, warranty leak repairs went to ZERO, that’s right, zero.

Then, I gave it to my other clients and any contractor who wanted it.

The results?

The same – ZERO Warranty Leak Repairs.

The unexpected benefit? An increase in replacement sales.

I share this letter with EVERYONE who wants it.

So, get your sample leak policy letter FREE. No strings. No catches. There are no guarantees of results. I DO hope you experience the same results – ZERO warranty leak repairs…elimination of a major, costly headache.

Want the training program that I used with my client?

It’s also available…invest only $87.

What’s in the training program:

  • The key to making the leak policy letter work
  • What to do before your leak policy letter meeting with your technicians
  • Specific instructions on how to use the leak policy letter
  • The answers to your questions about leak policies
  • The leak policy meeting agenda
  • Scripts for 12 role plays scenarios your technicians are likely to encounter with leaks.
  • Explanations in the scripts to ensure the technicians know how to talk with the customer about leaks and your leak policy letter
  • Audio versions of the scripts so you can hear what the discussions sound like
  • Dispatcher script for customers who call after a leak repair

Your training manual comes electronically so you can edit it to fit the specific needs of your company.

Your investment? Only $87….a fraction of the cost

of just one warranty leak repair.

Your satisfaction guaranteed. If this manual doesn’t save you at least one warranty leak call, call us and we will refund your money.